Sunday, March 22, 2015

Alternative Film Awards by TrichoKare #sp

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The importance of a beautiful hair for a woman  goes far beyond its physiological functions. We all want to see soft, radiant, thick and luscious hair when we look at the mirror. After all, they are the first thing to be noticed when we look at someone's face.


TrichoKare Alternative Film Awards was held a few months back at Cineleisure Orchard, to provide an alternative platform for talented individuals and the Youngs to express their creativity and showcase their skills in film-making. At the same time raising more awareness on the different hair loss patterns on women and men. Especially in such a warm and humid country we live in, we have a higher tendency of facing dandruff and greasy hair.

TrichoKare offers professional hair analysts to detect early stages of hair loss signs and understand the root problem before customising a treatment.

Hey, it is always better to prevent than take a crisis later!

Alternative Film Awards is based on the theme - I deserve to look good and feel great. Hundreds of welcoming entries from professional film-makers to students from different universities. 8 winners were chosen out of the 12 finalists to receive attractive cash and prizes worth up to $20,000!


The Esteem judges were The Founder & Artiste Director, Pangdemonium - Adrian Pang, our Singapore Top Blogger - Xia Xue, Film director of Oh Lucky Me films - Mikael Teo, and lastly, Business Development Manager of TrichoKare - Valerie Loke.

Congratulations to the winners below! Albert Einstein once said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun!" Nurture your hobby into a career, and one day, you'll make it big.

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Good luck, and stay beautiful!

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