Friday, May 31, 2013

may in snapshots.

my childhood favourite dessert. coincidence. ootd. tastiest chicken rice from thomsom.
grocery schopping. selfies. yoga time. kisseablebella photoshoot.
anniversary dinner at my favourite place. cupcakes day. a trip to msia with the family 1, 2, 
3. tofu cheesecake. birthday lunch @the carousel for my mummy ven.
mirror shot. picked baby jovan from school. sunset. selfies again.
cardio day. bare face. drama i've been chasing right now. favourite pastry from tbb.
blood test. cheap thrills. yoga shorts sis bought me. paper cranes.
to celebrate vesak day. skyping with my black boyfriend. sleeping soundly. while queuing for food.
teppanyaki. happy kids. happy me. selfie again.
well.. i was bored. having dinner during supper time. good run. made orange juice.

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