Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chef Sunday.

the boyfriend and i had whipped up a good meal on a perfect sunday night. 
im really happy to see how involved my baby is when it comes to preparing meals together (he seems to be enjoying it but then again, he pisses me off in the kitchen too because he's always asking me what to do, how to chop, etc) 

and here are the results, 

Untitled Untitled 
we have japanese curry rice, wagyu beef steak, stir-fried broccoli and onions scrambled eggs
very helpful in plating wise... 
hmm.. impressive? :)
Untitled Untitled

pardon my hair... haha, and while the boy was savouring the dinner, he suggested that we make dinner together every sunday. we will come out with at least one dish of our own (or anywhere from the internet) and also shop for groceries in a given budget. 
sounds like a great idea isn't it? ;)

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