Sunday, December 02, 2012

i have short hair!

its december again! finally got a chance to find time to get my hair fixed. 
im pretty sure ive surprised many people with my new hair, i never had such short hair since i was primary 4? if you ask why.. its because my hair is too long, im too lazy to manage, its taking up too much time for me to wash and blow dry especially when im at the gym and most importantly, i wanted a change. 
IMG_6140 IMG_6142 IMG_6152
so, goodbye my hair.. i'll see you (perhaps) in 6 months time from now? :)

IMG_6160 IMG_6189 IMG_6220 IMG_6221 IMG_6225 IMG_6240 IMG_6241

had a heavy dinner at Nandos with baby and caught a late movie at Illuma. Rise of the guardians was good, it may be kiddish but it totally brought out the christmas mood.
I hope you like my new change as much as i do :)
happy december! ^^

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