Friday, October 05, 2012

food bring me joy

If you follow me on instagram, you will realize the sudden hype of me making food for most of my meals. The kitchen has became my favourite hangout. 
So, pardon me for spamming all these hugeass food pictures!
Wholewheat Blueberry PancakesIMG_4710
Lunch for the boy
Made lunch for the army boy 
and scald myself by his oven -.-
The boy fell in love with my salmon (haha) and couldn't stop bugging me to cook for him again. When he booked out from camp, he came over to my place to make me cook
Here's a bowl of my successful cream of brocolli with chicken cubes. I prepared them from scratch! my boyfriend was amazed hehe
this is the amount of food we had today. I swear i will make a trip to the gym tomorrow!IMG_4803
Dessert for the family: Low-fat Pumpkin Flan
My lunch for yesterday's. 
Breaded chicken thighs (it was nomzzz)
IMG_4702 IMG_4690

that's about it! I'd finally found an interest in cooking and i've been checking out new recipes to try out (and cooking videos) before i go to bed. But i guess its time to stay away from the stove, i have too much revision to do. I've got a month left before my papers. I'm aiming for good grades, so wish me luck guys. 

p.s. I will share my recipes when my papers are over ok? (if you want them) 
hehe bye bye! :)

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