Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There is always the sky, there is always a dewdrop on a weed.

True friends are hard to find. well said and i'm lucky enough to have one!
i was feeling pretty low in one of those days and my girlfriend whatsapped me to check if i'm fine, and not only that, she was willing to meet up with me right after work to keep my accompany.
DSC02076 DSC02075 antoinette 
we caught expendables two and dinner! 
words can't express how much i treasure this friendship :')
creamier DSC02093 me dest 
Creamier with dest and chilling by the park. We havent done this together for quite awhile hehe
Dest went like "take a picture of my wallpaper, home-screen sticker and my dust cap!"
and come to think of it, her dustcap resembles the twitter icon haha
DSC02103 IMG_3923 
and here's my qt in his outfit that i matched for him! i LITERALLY put on his clothes for him. he was lying on his bed and refused to get up and change. i was forced to change and the whole scenario was like we were playing "patient w stroke and nurse" try picturing in your head.
 hahaha his hair... doesn't it look like bruno mars in The Lazy Song mv?
IMG_3925 IMG_3928 
and the food we ate...
what i hate the most :'(

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