Thursday, August 23, 2012


if you ever wondered how's school been treating me, i can say its fine but pretty stressful (because i suck at accounts). and if you wonder i've made many friends, my answer is no. apparently my classmates don't seem to be as friendly as the people i know from dms :'( and so, my friends are.. countable. but hopefully as time goes by, i'd get to make more new friends? :)

anyway, here a few pictures to share!

soy milk + salmon and tuna salad! yummy!
one of the weekend, bf and i ordered delivery for lunch and we freakin spent $70+ on just pizza and buffalo wings. i personally feel that its way too costly
ootd before school
and yay! my dad made me a happy girl by replacing my old macbook to a new one :D
lastly, a dessert to end the post..
it's a recipe called Banana Express which i came across online and decided to give it a go and i was blown away by the taste of the warm honeyed cinnamon banana. it will work better with ice cream but because i wanted to reduce the calories intake, i replaced the ice cream with low-fat yogurt. not as good, but still worked well. what's best is.. it takes me less than 2 mins to get it done. hurhur ^^

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