Friday, February 24, 2012


I love you because, I can tell you anything and you will always listen. Because even though we may not see eye to eye, we always agree to disagree. Because you make me smile so much, and that’s so comforting to me. Because your passion and your sense of wonder turns me on. Because cuddling with you makes me feel like I am in heaven. Because you may not see it, but you’re so charming, physically and spiritually. Because when we try to compromise, we look so cute trying. Because we know when to be serious, funny, mature and immature together. Because we can be silent together and still know what we’re saying. Because even though we have our differences, we know whats more important. Because you help me grow, because you make me want to be better. And last but not least, because you are my best friend and my life.
Thanks for catching me whenever I fall……. ♥

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