Monday, February 20, 2012

#note to a friend

Losing someone you really cared about, or having to let go of someone you loved is something we will have to go through in this world. We will live with it, experience it, and grow from it. We need to be strong and believe that something good is coming our way. Losing faith in life and in love and in ourselves is not healthy and will never make things better. Get a post it, write this on it and put it on your mirror: “This too shall pass” and “To everything there is a season.” You will find that living in the moment is very gratifying once life is not just a sad and nervous bundle of regrets from the past, or fears of the future. Know that you are human, that you hurt, but that you are also capable of letting go. You are capable of sharing your best qualities, and your love with someone worth having. Create the right time, by taking your time and remaining true to your self and your highest values, most beautiful character, and your most compassionate giving and loving self. You will not always feel like this, you will feel better, you were you long before you became we. <3

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