Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh Deer.

I ate buttery butter crabs and Koi for dinner, you guys.
All the grease, sugar and regrets...
I don't know why I gave in but I felt really terrible afterwards.
But I really enjoyed my dinner though.. Sigh
All my running from yesterday has gone to waste, once again.

Anyway, here are some low quality pictures taken from my iPhone. Pardon me hehe

So having Starbucks in the morning has became part of my daily routine (when I have the time to)

and three cheers to The Impossible Project!! 
This is not an advertorial but I really want to share it with you because I'm quite sure Polaroid lovers would be interested badly. 
This is GOOD STUFF :)
My package has finally arrived! I ordered like 5 boxes of films!
I really had a hard time finding Polaroid 600 films and it is almost impossible to get it in Singapore. 
With The Impossible Project, I can just order it anytime I want. Of course, it really depends on your luck to get the colored films.
I didn't get the colored ones though! It was OOS but I think its back? So quickly order! 

Unfortunately,I had a little bad experience with them though. My orders were deleted somehow despite being told that my transaction was approved. But the customer service was really helpful and efficient, and I received it in less than a week. 
Gosh, I really can't wait to use them in my holidays! #Happyme :)


And today, I was transferred to the nursing home to assist a colleague to dig out the patients old documents. This is my first time here.
It is really heart wrenching to see lonely old people suffering and there are patients who refused to take any form of treatments just because they couldn't afford the bills. 
What I'm implying here is, live life to the fullest when you're still young and kicking. Always put health before wealth and treasure what you have right now.
 Learn to stop comparing because there will always be someone better than you.

With love, Joanne.

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