Wednesday, September 21, 2011


You have my heart, and you have my soul he says. Her eyes are filled with bliss and elation, but at the same time, covered with sorrow and pain. She knows he’s trying, but he’s trying for all the wrong reasons. All she wants is for him to love her to the fullest. She wants him to love her, as she loves him. Know that nothing can make you feel more alive than the achievement of finding someone you think is impetuously perfect in every way. You can see their flaws, and take them deep inside your heart and make them into golden perfections. Your heart says their completely perfect for you, while everyone else says they’re not. The way they dress isn’t what you would usually go for, but you love them for that. The things they speak aren’t from a lyrics page, their real and they make you feel alive. That’s what you’ll love, you’ll love everything about that, because they try.

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