Monday, March 22, 2010

hey you,
I'm sure you won't be reading this but I'm in serious need to let my feelings out. I would love to lock this post but blogger isn't that amazing to do so yet. You once asked me why do I still feel the same for you after all these years and I only answered vaguely but the truth was, I don't know why either. Every time I see you, I get this special feeling and I just could feel that you belong with me and no one else's. I've came across many different guys, dated a few, but you still end up to be my only favorite. My all-time favorite I guess. I definitely know that I'm just an option to you but you are always my priority. Now things are getting really bad between us. There are totally no interaction, in both ways. What happened? I actually took your words seriously and this is what I've gotten - a cold shoulder from you? You left me wondering why why why, what the f is wrong. Didn't we made it clear that we will be best friends till you're ready? If you kind of changed your mind, you can just tell me and at least I could understand why, and not just leave me hanging by avoiding me, right? That's a pretty immature way to handle problems. Are you being indecisive, you can't make up your mind? Have you found someone better or you just don't like me? I need a clear answer from you, my dear. I want to see you. I want to hear you. I need a good explanation. Badly. 
♥, me. 


Anonymous said...

its better for him to be more interested in you than the other way round. guys who make you wait like that, definitely has their own way of thinking. if you were to be so clingy(at least to him), he would only avoid you and giving you a lousy excuse. trust me. been thru your case. let it time goes by he wouldn't be an issue anymore because if he really likes you, he will never let you wait without telling you anyth. nth happened. boys are boys.

Anonymous said...

he might have his own problems,as a reason for doing this. cheer up babe, trust him, i believe things will work out for you guys sooner or later!

Anonymous said...

OMG. we are on the same boat. =(

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm feeling the same way you'r feeling right now. Going through, having same questions and thoughts.

My ex one day called and said how I'm his quality friend but after that till now, no communication between us. And, I don't know why this sudden. All I know he keeps talking to my goodf. Which kinda sucks.

Honestly, no matter how much I hated the way he treated me and like now, a part of me still wants to see, hear and talk to him.

Ohwells. All I got to say, we've got to be strong! :)