Friday, January 15, 2010


New collection will be launched tomorrow (Friday)! 
Click on picture to be directed to the link!


Jiajia said...

Still remember me?

Lynn said...

hi there, is there anyway i can contact meganlabel besides gmail? because she haven't refund me my money for 2 weeks already, and she refuse to reply my emails.

Meganlabelle said...

Lynn> Hi i've replied your email a few days ago!! have ya received it? All refunds have been made last week :)

LYNN said...


The last time you replied me was you saying you
Already transferedn will give ref no to me the
Next day which it never came. And that was 1week
Back. Maybe you replied the wrong Lynn. Could you
Please reply my emails. Thanks (:

Meganlabelle said...

hi do u mind resending again? because i didn't received it after that! Thank you.

LYNN said...

Don't you think contacting over the phone
Is a faster and more efficient way instead
Of this??? I emailed you more than 10 times
And you only replied like thrice? Its
Impossible to not have received more than
10mails.I just emailed you again! Please reply