Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You got me love sick

You are the rain that beats onto my skin,
The touch that’s too light and needs to be felt once again.
You are the suns rays, emmersing me in light.
Destroying my nightmares, my darkness, my fright.
You are the sheets that cover me at night,
the kiss that brushes across my lips,
the memories I hold on to so dearly,
the paintbrush dipping into the paint,
the meeting point between the sun and the moon,
the thoughts in my head,
the shine in the stars,
the twinkle in my eye,
the ticks of the minutes in my clock,
the song pulsing through my heart,
everything and nothing at all at the same time,
the words that come out of my mouth and across the paper,
what I create, what I love, what I feel,
my headache, my heartache, my tears, the longing in the pit of my stomach,
But you are my saving grace.
You are the reason I get up in the morning,
and the reason I sleep soundly at night.
You are like the air I breathe; without you, I can’t fill my lungs.
I suffocate. I choke. I die.
Don’t cut off my oxygen.

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