Monday, March 09, 2009

"You are a bad bad blogger, you hadn't been updating lately.."

You are so wrong if you think of me this way.
I tried blogging but after typing so much of words, I changed my mind and deleted every effort written. Something is wrong with me. My fingers, my heart and soul :O (uh ohh)
This morning, I had a nightmare. Ok, it feels more like a dream because I wasn't having cold sweat or trembling terribly. I was swimming in the middle of nowhere (because I don't know which ocean I'm in) and when I was heading to some island, I knocked onto something bumpy and rough. Ewww, I just pushed my way up and as I looked over my shoulders, damn, crocodiles are after me. They are dying to rip me apart. Effortlessly, I managed to slip away from their clutches. INCREDIBLE HAHA BECAUSE I'M NOT A GOOD SWIMMER 

I'm sharing this because no one is free to listen to my adventure in dreamland. I am all alone at home, again. Someone never picks up my calls. I hate to be pushed aside. Meow meow, I think I want a pet to keep me company but it's gonna die in my hands in a week time if I ever have one. I'd never nurtured a thing in my life, currently haha. Animals' life seem so.. so.. fragile.

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