Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It breaks the heart of everyone to see someone so bubbly tearing badly in the midst of the night..
I say: It's amazing how someone can break your heart, but you still love him with all the little pieces.
Hey guys, it was really.. an interesting day for me today. This is Jolly/Jollie in my hands from the pictures. This little guinea belongs to HY, not mine. Haha, she peed on my shorts oh my mama. It was warmmm.. Hahahaha 

Anyway, I got bloody stalked by an old time stalker (this pervert knows where I'm living, ew?) when I was on my to HY's place. His movements scared me out of my wits. He was a centimeter close and he kept eyeing on my boobies (ya ya I know I don't have much interesting thing to see arghh) but that was what he did! I tried calling Kiren but no avail (oh I hate this part, when I urgently needed him, he's out of reach). Ok, yay then HY to my rescue!! Rang her and she accompanied me on my way to her place. Phew, managed to shake off the pervert by pacing up and just keep talking!!! Ok, what a creepy day I had..


Read this conversation I had with Nat, HAHA 

Nathaniel says: (2:45:09 AM)
watching soccer at 3.30
Joanne Eng says: (2:45:22 AM)
knew it
Joanne Eng says: (2:45:23 AM)
Nathaniel says: (2:45:23 AM)
waiting for time to fly
Joanne Eng says: (2:45:27 AM)
yucks soccer
Nathaniel says: (2:45:30 AM)
Joanne Eng says: (2:45:37 AM)
one ball, so many men fighting over it
Nathaniel says: (2:45:40 AM)
soccer rocks
Nathaniel says: (2:45:42 AM)
Joanne Eng says: (2:45:43 AM)
I wish I'm the ball
Joanne Eng says: (2:45:44 AM)
Nathaniel says: (2:45:53 AM)
must appreciate
Nathaniel says: (2:46:07 AM)
flirt with 22 men
Nathaniel says: (2:46:15 AM)
Joanne Eng says: (2:46:18 AM)
Joanne Eng says: (2:46:21 AM)
Joanne Eng says: (2:46:35 AM)
im gonna paint myself black and white spots
Joanne Eng says: (2:46:36 AM)
Nathaniel says: (2:46:36 AM)
Nathaniel says: (2:46:40 AM)
Joanne Eng says: (2:46:46 AM)

Alright, Jollie/Jolly is super cute.

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