Sunday, February 15, 2009

A twist in my story..

Hey guys, this is a follow up of the previous post. What happened was Kiren and I had a big fuss before Vday and I was so pissed that I said I didnt want to see him on Saturday. On the day itself, we waited for each other's text for like the wholeee day but no one gave in. HY adviced me to make the first move, but in the end, everything got worse. He's really not meeting me. So, fuck Vday! Hahaha and then I went online typing how Vday sucked for me. Kiren came online and started talking to me... Ok, then somehow I asked: "Really not meeting today?" and we met in the end. Kiren waited at my house lift lobby with a bouquet of roses. Pink and purple roses, ahahaha (I prefer red roses and sunflowers though) but anyway, yayyy I got flowers on Vday :)

When Shiming asked about me, I told her I'm with Kiren, she was like lameeeeeee. Hahahahaha never mind if you guys don't get what I'm typing, I get it can already :)

Valentine's Day 09

We had Korean food again! And we are in the VIP room! Hahahahahha we were just lucky
We were self-timing... When the waitress came in, hahahaha damn funny. She turned and saw the camera signal blinking, she was like "Ah! I didn't know your taking photos! Sorry sorry!"
After dinner, we cabbed down to East Coast. We wanted to go to Sentosa but the Taxi driver refused to drive us there because there's heavy traffic.
I DIDN'T KNOW MY SISTER'S BEAR OWNS A PUB HAHAHHAHA East Coast was so unromantic! So many tents there and a lot of immigrants hanging around. Somehow it made me felt like it's a red light district =\ So... couldn't stand the ambience there and went to have some desserts at HongKong Cafe! :):):)
This is when we opened each other's presents!
This is from Kiren.
This is mine (:
Ok, what I'd got him were a Braun Buffel wallet and a pair of Apple earpiece. Aww I'm so nice, and I'm broke now. Hahahahah
He stuck some wet rubbish on my arm
Firstly, I'm in trouble. I think I screwed someone's friendship. I feel horrible but if I keep it from this person, I will feel worse because we made a pact. We have to be honest and never hide things from each other. Gosh, I'm such a troublemaker!!!! Eeeeeeee help!!
Next, I withdrew from MI. I did the JAE appeal and got posted to NYP but I didn't want. My parents are sending me to a private school. So.... yay?
Lastly, I'm back to my holidays!! YAY !!!!!! So school will start in April. Whee wheee :):):)

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