Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Trojan and Macedonian!

Today's orientation was damn fun!

Sorry!! No picture posts for these few days, may have it tomorrow or Friday!

We had school dance today but apparently, Kiren wasn't my partner. Haha but we are gonna dance together privately next time! HAHAHAHA the guy has to kneel before the girl! We wanted to do it today, outside my place but it was so awkward because there's no music and we hardly remember the steps! Damn funny. Never mind! We shall try to do it on Friday !! wheee :) :) We threw flour at each other and now i got flour on my scalp like dandruff (ewww) . Flour in my eyes too, but wasn't Kiren's fault. I volunteered to dig for polo sweets buried in flour and it got into my left eye.. :( Still fun after all!

Hahahaha reply to comment: I shall reveal once my appeal result is out :)

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