Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nursery, boyfriend, sunflowers


Hellooooooo! I visited a few nurseries at Thomsom with Benny's company. Oh, he's my cousin by the way :) I have no make-up on in these photos so, don't complain about me looking awful! uhh ):

When I got up from bed this afternoon, I know what's next. Take a long ride to fetch Kiren from MI. WAHH SO LAZY! But he should be more tired because he must have had a long day in school. So I'd got an idea! Let me go to the nursery and pick him sunflowers to brighten his day! :) A new motivation to crawl out from bed.

Hahahaha so I bugged Benny since he's freeeeeeee! And in order to save money, we walked to Thomsom and the weather was terribly sunny. The heat was so unexplainable.


"Help me carryyyyy hehehehehehe" Oh and guess what. After my cousin walked me to Braddel station, I was so reluctant to walk any longer that I decided to cab down to MI instead. Apparently, I had forgotten that it was the peak hour and, from Braddel to Bukit Batok was almost like one end to the other. Also, the cab driver didn't know where MI was and he took a long time to search for it. In the end, my fare was like 20 bucks. Woahhh how cool

Bus Rides All eyes were on me when I stepped into MI because of the huge sunflowers. I felt ultimately awkward hahahaha. I saw Kiren approaching to my direction and my first reaction was to hide the flowers behind the pillar. Then tada! I said, "Nah! These are for you!" Kiren's reply, "Oh my gosh! Areyou retarded or what" HAHAHAHA EEEE IM RETARDED FOR BUYING YOU FLOWERS ):

Kiren's mouthguard! Ok, I know it's disgusting to share but this isn't that bad. Helping Kiren to dig food stucked in his braces is worse! Not really actually, but when Manfen saw me picking his teeth, her expression was ew grossssss..

"You better don't blink your eyes again ah!" -eyes wide opened-

18 FEB 2009, WED


I'm not drunk. No WeiKian, no alcohol

Hahahaha I spilled MILO on my shoes. It's my school shoe by the way

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