Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marina Bay

Hey guys! Finally another picture post here. (:  I met Randall yesterday and omg guess what! He brought my another primary school friend along called Bryan! Hahahaha damn funny, I used to scare him off in school. Oh yeah, if you wonder who is Randall, he's my primary school friend too. So it's kind of rare to see primary school friends hanging out together!

I have all the pictures in Facebook, so... just log in to yours and look for mine! :) My dad got me a MacBook! Don't ask me which model, because I don't know. It's not the latest or whatsoever ah. I'm still learning to adapt with it. I'm a noooob ):

Haha, we were like walking near the Esplanade and then we saw a few boats/ferries/cruise on the river. So we went to look for the booth to check the prices. Aye, not very expensive so we went to try. Why call it cruise? I don't know, that was what it's written on the ticket. 

Oh and  please don't get the wrong idea because I know I am attached and yet, why am I going out with a guy? Kiren told me it's normal to go one on one when he went out with some girl out there. So I'm trying out now! (Now Kiren is upset about it and we made a promise.) You will feel the pain only when you cut yourself.

Don't    leave    a    comment    and     tell      me    I'm     paranoid    !
Because everyone is selfish when it comes to love.

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