Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I'm in a dilemma now and AGAIN. I got my mom to appeal on my behalf in the last 15 minutes before the dateline ends. Gosh, I simply can't make up my mind! Half of me loves the new school but another half, not! I have my reasons and... I'm not sure whether I am ready for 'A' levels, ready for a JC.

Sigh, X a million. If only I can stop growing up :( :( :(

I feel bad! I feel bad!
Kiren and I can't stop quarrelling now! (over and over the same few problems) I'm such a loser at maintaining a good relationship.. I still can't help to feel bad even when I wasn't at fault. I told him how I felt and I actually tell names, and now..... I'm like ill-speaking :( sorry to whoever I'd "ill-spoken".

But what's wrong with being honest and why should i be feeling bad? He's my boyfriend what. I can tell him whatever I feel and how insecure I felt. There's like a whole jug of water I wanna pour out but I only filled a cup and that's it. Eventually he's not gonna drink it, so... no point pouring more.

After all, I know he loves me :) so much (if my instincts don't fail me) that I always feel so so so guilty after making a din with my nonsense.

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