Friday, April 04, 2008

-run in circles, stopped for a moment-
-looked over shoulders and waved excitedly-
Hi! Its friday once again!
It was sports day held at bishan stadium yesterday!
And before it even end, a heavy downpour came and trapped many students in the stadium.
My lucky star for the day was Ziling.
She brought umbrella -which was a total cool one from sentosa- sheltered us to the mallwe were meddling with it. And then ...
the latest reversible umbrella for sale on ebay!
get it now yo!
-only costs 10bucks-
i ran 4 x 100 relay which was a last minute decision
and my first time running for sports day in my sec life.
we lost but it was a great experience haha
we never expect to win anyway, we ran for the sake of running! -.-
Amazingly one of my team members, Joan, had her shoe flew out while running.
Despite dropping her shoe, she continued with only one shoe and was a head of others
-applause- we had camera war which lasted a few minutes
snapsnapsnapBeanie HA HA
Now, a series of Kannan.
And myself ..

Bye! -dash-

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