Monday, March 10, 2008

woah i had a substancial, nourishing meal tonight.
freaking full my goodness yet im drinking iced-milo now
tsk tsk tsk im such a pig hahahaha
im going to the gym tmr anyway, he he
i broke my record this week!
ahh the temptation is coming!!
People! I hadnt step a foot out of my house the moment i got home last friday wheeeee im nerdy
i finished amaths homework! :D:D:D
Joanne is a good girl. (duh!)
now im left with chem worksheet and chinese newspaper reports and composition -wtf-.-
Its really a torture to be a sg kiddy.
Migrate, pls mommy! Lets leave this stressful country. -nah it wont work my girl
omg my mum is so damn funny
she was watching tv at the living room, sobbing. HAHAHA
i can hear her sniffing and blowing her nose from here!
i was like: mummy ah! you crying is it? (in chinese)
hahaa omg then i went out to get a drink, she said, "the show so sad hor"
if you ever realised, today is the rare day that i type so many words in my post.
haha wheeeeee byebye!
-jumps! :O

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