Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi once again,
thumbs down for school reopen tmr, boo
haha i didnt really enjoy my holidays this term anyway
look! the pictures are over there! (points down)
okok, i will type breifly what had happened yesterday before i leavethe pictures do the talking.
Firstly, it was shiming bro's birthday.
Sadly, her granny died on the afternoon.
Therefore, no wishing of birthdays, presents or cake is allowed.
So everyone came to eat like a gathering, the food was good (:
For the first time, HY brought her boyfriend over. Haha auntie seems to like him
Drank a little, got over emotional, cried and slept over at shiming's place.See the redness on our faces (or even chest ok, probably you cant see haha),
there aint any editing or whatsoever.

nuggets, yumyum

you, kee

bye! -wavee

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