Monday, March 31, 2008

Please dont use a punisher and spray Joanne because she hasnt been updating for a long time
Its still early to apologize right? hahahaa
Sorry, ive been really busy these days.
Ok, i am nuts over empower u now.
i miss everyone there,
i miss tarkey and brent many many much.
Brent and Tarky are the most amazing ppl ever.
Everyone is so nice there and at the blink of an eye, 3 days of E.U are over.
All the laughter and tearing .. man, i couldnt bear to leave at all

Assistants! i wanna be part of them too. :( He's maaz, effing cute boy. :D Imran! Get soon yeah?
hahaha we shall kick soccer some day okidooky! look at how he tries to open his eyes as wide as possible haha
-poke your face from your back and then pours mineral water on your head
Love! haha gays
many ppl left already, so only the leftovers took 'class' photo
Ernnyyyyy! see you on wed haha
-kick, punch, tickles
Look at the hat!
uber adorable right?
ernny sew piglet on the hat, i wanna own it but he says it is too precious already
boo boo
Peeps! see you guys on sunday hehe
love you truck loads :)
you wont wanna know how could my dad was when i said 'i love you' to him
ha ha

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