Sunday, February 03, 2008

Oh hello!
Haha, thats my eye.
eldee say it looks messy. :(
nvm, its a messy, natural, artistic piece. HAHAHAHA
yay im lame lol!
went to cheeena town with my family yesterday
its uber crowded
i dress very casually, hahaha
a men ts
(it was meant for my ex, i bought from thai and i actually wore it before i even give it to him:P)
and a pair of shorts
bought a top at dorothy perkins(whatever it is spelt)
ate dinn there, my god frog legs.
drools ok
haha , alright photos:

went to shimings's place at 11pm like woahhhh
hahahah now her house a road away from mine.
freaking near, so if i forget to bring my keys and no one is at home, i can just walk to her place
hahaha i love the view from her house

Alright, bye(:
im so looking forward to cny!

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