Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello ppl! omg its ken'ichi matsuyama! he's my freaking new idolllxzxzxzxz
caught L: change the world yesterday with cousin benny at J8.
i want a boyfriend who can outwit ppl and uses his brains to protect me without using violence.
i think ken'ichi looks good with and without eyeliner.
i love the way he runs and how tries to 'babysit' the kids, awwwww


goodness, catch this movie soon man.
i rate it five stars, so much better than death note one and two
haha can i like request a part two which is called L: is in love?

i wanna see how cute he is when he goes into a date hahaha (;

Had reunioun dinner at granny's place yesterday, its the last day of chinese new year.
well, hweeying didnt manage to come.

everyone was watching chn56 in the living room, and it was an entertaining show 'wanquanyule'
like oh no, edison is going to step away from HK showbiz industry.
#@R$#^%&#@% another talent wasted, another beauty gone.
Hopefully after he has ''healed himself'', he will join back the entertaiment indusrty.
anyway he's only stepping away from HK's showbiz right, he still has Hollywood to head to haha.
Edc, since you had faced the music, everything will be fine after a period of time.


hahaha thats joan, alright actually im a spy undercover HAHA
(you can see how messy my hair was lol)

ha ha they didnt even notice they have been 'spieddd', see im pro-fes-sion-nalllll
Arent they cute? bought them when i was out with my family.
(mom thinks that ive got a new boyfriend, hahaha)
Look at the board!
its nice right, i made them myself.
as in, i bought a plain notice board and then decorate it myself hahaha

These were like taken in the morning.
The camera was beside my bed and it just came across my mind to play along with it
i know this is stupid. hahahaha :P

alright, thats abt all.
anyway i actually got an A2 for my amaths like hurray and pass my physics(borderly)!


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