Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hey hey you you, i wanna be your girlfriend!

May i, may i, may i be your Juliet? hahaha!


Hey guys!
Now i need to dig time to blog, i have my reasons.
haha, so do appreciate every post i blogged alright?(:
i have a lot of my own camwhored photos in 'my pictures' but due to the short period of time, i didnt manage to edit/resize them in time.
hahaha so you will get to see them slowly.
Lemme ask you, who is your dream guy/girl?
haha, mine is ......(dowan tell you)
nah, its not any celebrity ha ha.
Yay, its monday tmr
which means i can see my wonderful schoolmates!
School is fun but climbing sucks.
'Sec ones are cuteeee'
Love and bye! -wink

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