Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello people, i looked so emooooo
im feeling blue, thats why im blue. lol
MY so much for being my 'best' friend, im taking it away from you.
You are just my friend, lets just be friends.
I dont want you to be my bestie anymore.
Lets think guys.
What are the properties to be best friends?
  • Be there for each other anytime, anywhere
  • We go out willingly together occasionally
  • We spend most of our quality time together
  • We will never feel grudge about each other's bad points or even think that it is a waste of time going out/spending time together.
  • Helping each other with his/her studies.
  • Understands each other
  • Share secrets with each other
  • There is trust, love and many many more.

Why doesnt true friends exist?

You may think you'd found it but its a matter of time that he/she starts changing and there goes your friendship.

It hurts more than losing a boyfriend.


Hi again, school is as tiring as usual.
(its never relaxing when youre in your graduating year)

these are way last week pictures(: pardon me man, i like'em thats why im postingggggg.
anyway, there arent any make-up on in these pictures.

Went to NYP open house after school ended.
It was disappointing.
All thanks to my 'wonderful' friends(one look atELDEE). They refused to accompany me no matter how much i plead them.
This is the most annoying part which spoils my day.(frowns)


Catch it if not, move aside! (;

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