Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hohey ppl!
I still have English summary not done.
yuck summaryyy, it turns me off whenever teacher says 'we will be doing summary today'
my sister's tuition teacher just came over, he's nerd cute.
Oh! look at this! (upppppp!)
(i am irritated)
This guy, he msged me in friendster and he says that i look jay's ex
(as you can see from the picture)
Like UHHHH WTHEOW, i hate her the most man. Thats not a compliment at all!
She's so uhhhhhhhhhhhh dis..gus...tanggggg
Yesterday, i went out with weehou (like a squirrel in the picture) to causeway point (i think thats the mall)
hahaha, was rather funny.
He msged me and made me choose which shopping centre to go
Guess what, they are all 'points' -.-
compass point, north point, centrepoing and causeway point
His mom gave his vouchers which you can just use in whichever shop in those 'points'
oh ya, his friend Alvin (he's rather emo..) tagged along too!
Ate sakae there, and uh the mall is boring -,0
well but i managed to buy my stuff from faceshop, so is alvin he got himself a necklace
we didnt pay for it, haha! wh paid by using his vouchers lol, including sakae!(and he got nothing!)
headed to town after that, went to cine
alvin played pool, after that wh accompanied me to heeren then to wisma
i bought myself accessories!
got home at 11+ and HAHA __ cigs are still with me and im not returning!:P
My bag smells like tobacco now-.-
I camwhored last night when i reached home!
(sticks tongue out)

Ok, im not trying to be uhh what ah lians will say -bueh heow beai

Today, i changed my msn nick captions to -Buy me a mansion, ill marry you
then i received many who say he'll buy or do anything for me.
One even confessed his love to me. -.-
Im really not trying to flaunt my uh anything ok!
but this is something new to me and im just sharing with you peeps. ;)
haha anyway im just randomly typing shit in my captions.
i will definitely not marry any anonymous guy over a mansion unless he is my lover.haha

Alright! see you next week! haha
Work hard ppl!

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