Friday, December 21, 2007

heyheyyouyou! (copied doug)
I went to town with eldee today haha.
We were supposed to meet EILEEN and DOUGLAS, disappointing-ly they didnt turn up.
Coincidently met mar outside wisma
and i got myself a high-waist belt from Misselfridge -doodoo,dada
Headed to heeren, eldee bought a 'metal' album hahahaha.
Then we went to look for a friend of his but she wasnt arnd.
Walked to Far East -.- and Eldee had his lunch+dinner at lj.
For me, i had a few sticks of fries from longjohns and finished half of my coke.
Wonderful, bravo, unbelievable! and thats my dinner haha.
Gonna get myself a cup of wheat milk later (effing tasty) to neutralise my stomach, gaga.
Bloody lil-sis wake up out of the sudden to peeeeeeee lol
Ok continue, somehow today's outing feels so sleepy and draggy and lazy.
Right eldee? haha
After that, we went to Borders and i bought a roll of pinky, butterfly-ly wrapping paper and silver and gold ribbons:D !
Squandered all my money and went home with empty wallet, eldee left with 5 bucks! hahaha
I may sound a little oldish but, THANK YOU ELDEE FOR COMING OUT TODAY hahahahahha you rock laaaaa. lol, (:

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