Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is joyce . HAHAHABaby Joanne :DDDDD

Look at how much we've grown!

Hey peeps!

Yesterday , i went to Raffles City with Doug before meeting friends

after that , we went to Sentosa to join ade and all.


haha , ive got no photos for the time being .

I'll post the moment Ade post the photos in her blog , i'll grabb it from there.



Welllll ,

I've got nothing to post today , haha

so .. i'll share with you some of my baby photos .


I did not take the idea, the pictures from hweeying blog .

i scanned them and i sent it to her , lol

Ok , here are way old picures




Haha , thats shiming and her daddy ahahaha

Thats mummy and i , heh-heh i blurred her face . lol

im the little red girl , Shiming is the one at the back


superb cute right? haha
My cousins (Dad's side) , i'm the one in white. haha
obviously , the very front one. hahahaha lol

awwwww haha
HY , Shiming , Joanne AHA wtf charles angel ?! LOL
Yay , hweeying's birthday . I'm the one beside her , haha
Randall says : hmm cute , cute .
Aha hweeying !

Look at the date, i'm still in my mummy's tummy haha
ok , look at shiming

this is so funny , she actually covered serene's mouth with her hand to prevent serene from blowing the cake. haha

ok , just guess . HAHAHA
Hwee ying .

Oh yay , that the hot joanne ! haha
Hey cheeese :D

haha the most hilarious photo among all!
Hwee Ying was caught on act lol!

How rude is she , digging while looking at ppl blowing candles


lala ! thats all Lurbsss(:

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