Friday, November 30, 2007

Hi guys, this is pretty right?
haha ive got nothing do, i took mom's collection and used my cam to test my photography.
lol im so anyhow aha!
Tinkle bellllle (whatever her name spelt like)

i am hungry and ive got no where to go but to stay homeeee ):

im leaving for Thailand soon :D

share happiness with hwee ying , teeheehee.


Joanne is feeling unwell, she can feel her heart racing furiously.

Everything seems to be spinning HAHA

(hmm, maybe maybe im suffering from some heart problem hahahah)

weak heart la , weak heart.

Old already, so dont traumatize me or whatsoever ok

im afraid my heart cannot take it nanimore haha

Doctor Joanne : i think you need to stop eating your pringles and no more sweeets (ahhhh)

Hokay, i think im gonna die super soonnn byeeeeeee

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