Tuesday, November 06, 2007

today's main colour: Lovely violet!
Had piano lessons today :D and met hy at Tpy Inter at 4
we headed our way to the book store and got hy's things exchanged.
haha , she was looking for a book which i'm super into it now but there's no avail
awww ):
oh well , at least she got something else instead .. haha
ew tmr is gonna be a boring day , no activities on.
Yayness : Thursday will be heading towards me after tmr! Lol
Hopefully that twins or either one can make it and i wish i wont be disappointed on that day
whooo , hy went to trim her bangs just now too!
hahaha it looks alright to me :D
Ooops , i realised i didnt blog abt yesterday.
haha , well nothing much either
I went to novena with my mommy and sis.
Joyce was supposed to learn some art and crafts but she got the wrong timetable
Mommy and I were supposed to go for our work out , and guess what ahhhh i just recalled that i actually blogged yesterday!
Nvm , i shall continue with my boring life since i didnt really talk much abt yesterday right?
we ended up queueing for donuts from Donut Factory, and went home with full stomach!

Conclusion : We did not burn our greasely fats and yet we are adding more junks into it
aha , thats all folks!
(Im looking emo in today's peek-tures!)

Joanne apologises for her too-tired-to-think reaction to her bf last night =x

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