Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hello Earthlings! :D
Yesterday was Benny's belated birthday celebrated at his chatlet in Pasir Ris.
Haha i have alot of peek-tures today!
There are some more but they are with hy , yeah.
Its rather fun there aha.
I did help to bbq alittle by spreading squeezed lime onto the food , lala
haha i cant help much , i wear lenses so its dangerous heh.
Shiming and I arrived at arnd 3 , uncle brought us there.
Helped to prepare and all (we only contribute alittle), oh i was in charged to buy the cake.
How can you celebrate a birthday without a cake right ?
haha i paid the cake myself ok.
yeah that was his birthday present from me [:
HY and Lilian came at 11 and thats late.

Oh well, here are the photos! (: :
*a photo removed. *




Omg , when shiming read this , she's gonna make me remove the conver .


Look at her pretty hair !

She shld keep her hair long and SHIMING ! STOP CUTTING YOUR HAIR !

Ok , laugh your ass out now .
Its my hair , lol

Yummy! mummy cooked duck porridge , its superb!

i ate a banana for my lunch , didnt eat breakfast too..

haha , i woke up at 3 today!

lol i slept at 5 last night gheeees

Shiming , youre really cute to me hehe -shy worxzxz



oooops :x

Love to max.

mm [:

Pig face hahaha!

Lilliannnnnyyy ! :D

Idiots haha.

A can of spray cost 3 bucks . Wow
Baby , its snowing!
They smell like rubber haha.
when we just left Ben's chalet ,

we saw a group of guys heading to their rooms with power rangers mask
hahaha what a cute bunch right , they are so hilarious!
They actually waved to the cam aha.


Arent they beautiful?

Yes , they are indeed gorgeous.

No one is allowed to go in unless you pay for the ticket but its like 1 am in morning ,

so we sneaked in haha naughty!Unfortunately , we were chased away by the security guards and therefore, didnt manage to take more.

hahaha the guard looked super pissed luh.

We took cab home and i was the first to alight then shiming and finally hy .

Hy sis sent us home , haha :D

Ok , buh-bye ! :D

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