Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hello people !

went to sentosa yesterday

arnd 15 ppl went

haha , i had lots of fun there ! :D

we took train to harbour front , the guys went to buy tix

oh then guess what

mingyi & i went to take a potrait

we paid $5 each

fucking cheat

such a lousy artist lar


WITH THIS ! boooboooooo !!!! thumbs down to the lousy artist


the fun is here!

we played captains ball

haha , oh so tiring

& ltr , the boys started having the idea of throwing the girls down


they carried eileen up ,

was ready to throw her down but she managed to struggle so hard that they let her go

but in then end , she's still landed up getting wet


& the unlucky me was also first few who was thrown into the sea


i tried struggling but there's no use ! ):

mingyi, zishan & caitlin were the lucky one

they managed to run away


of course , the girls wanted to take revenge

everyone aimed simon(the guy in the middle rubbing his eye -down) at first

because he's the smallest in size


but after a few girls were thrown into the sea , we changed our target to kenny

(the one that looked at me with a disgusted expression)

no matter how hard we planned & tried , neither of them work

): so we gave up


i dont know the girl behind me , she just popped out like that

hahahaha !


Eileen & I wore the same shirt yesterday

we planned the day before :D

Ammonia gas was produced from Zishan's ass

-pungent smell was produced (eww!)
hey ! i'm actually taller than that short mountain ! HAHA
yeeeepeee ! :D


went out with Eileen , Debbie & Pearline on friday

met them at tpy mrt

& went to paya lebar make hair

after that , we took train to Bugis while Debbie(up) rush off to work

the girl beside Eileen (left) is Pearl's friend

[ i forgot her name already :\ heh.. ]

she has a really adorable character :D

oh yay ! we took neoprints too :D

i dont like this neoprint

all of us looked so weird




sorry for posting late hur , hehe

thats all for today ! =DDD

I own the letter S ! (:

Give me all your time and thats all i need

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