Wednesday, August 08, 2007

heyo !
go try this link !
its rather cool
hahaha , got this link from Shiming's blog
thats my ic photo
pretty right !
i love it :P
why no fringe oneeeee
not allowed to cover eyebrowwww
thats why i clip it up
heh :c}
went to hy hse today ,
passed her the secret recipe cake
mm , went to make hair
Oh ya !
i didnt go to school today
mum knocked on my door this morning
&she asked whether i'm going school or not
i said no.
so i slept till 8+ , woke up & watched tv
slept again till arnd 11
and got ready to leave home
i have photos !
but they are in hy's com
shall upload the next post ! :DD

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