Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hellloooo !
ahh , some ' anyhow take ' photos here
was supposed to blog yesterday right ..
i tried but there's something wrong with blogger ):
i like this picture (above)
dont know why either
school is as usual but rather tiring
i felt so sleepy today
so was like slept for while , wake up .. doze off .. head down on the table
zzzz , fell alseep

boyfriend was so irresponsible
he came to school today
but right before recess , he msged me
and he told me he wants to go home
so i was like ' why !?'
he said that he's tired & felt sick
and poor joanne has to go home alone after school

prob going to hy's hse tmr
still not confirm , haven inform her yet

oh yay , haha

byebye {:

oh-so-sweet !

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