Saturday, July 07, 2007


she is very unhappy with her new hair

she hates the hairdstylist who cut her fringe


she hope she can turn time back!

but nvm ,,, hopefully hair extension can help ?


oooook !

yesterday was eileen's birthday


mm, so its like everyone planned to give Eileen a suprise party

so during the afternoon , met Mingyi & the twins at J8

had lunch there & went to shop for presents

haha :D

at abt 3+ , met adeline and all at eileen's hse

we help up for the cake

as eileen's hse does not hae an oven ,

we walked to Kenny's hse

its has been almost 6yrs since his family last used it

when ade&joan on the switched , min ltr the hse went blacked out

we spoiled his fridge :X (has been repaired already?)

few hours ltr , MY and i went back to E's hse

decorated her living room with 'BALLOONS' -.-




at abt 7/8 , Ade somehow knew that E is coming back

everyone took the 'pop pop thingy' & some girls got ready with a plate of cream each

so like when eileen & her bf came , she stood outside her gate

& eveyone was like HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

followed by the 'Pop ! pop !' with colouful strips of papers

she looked surprised

the naughty playful ones , ade joan & char? went up and threw the plates on her face

my goodness , poor eileen had cream all over her face

hahaha !

O yes its fun

hey sweets ! enjoyed your day hur !

mm mmm :D:D


ohleh , early in the morning went to school for ENG ORAL

this time is for real!

i dont think i'll fail :D

this is what i wore today !
:F candid


i am rather busy these days

so i seldom blogg :(

i'll try ma best to blog more ok?


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