Sunday, July 22, 2007


Guess where i went YESTERDAY ?!
yay ! i get to watch this year's NDP show
all thanks to Shiming's bro
he's volunteering there , so he got tix
went with shiming's parents & mama
such a pity that shiming didnt go
instead , she went to attend her friend's surprise party
haha , i bet she had alot of fun there too :D
i took alot of photos there !
urm , its rather messy
i didnt set the position properly when uploading
heh :x

look at the stadium
its isnt as big as i expected
they gave everyone a lighted star in the goodie bag
thats the one and only item i love
& when the sun set , its really beautiful when everyone on the 'torch'
oh my , i love the fireworks too !
it is arent as much fireworks compared to last year ( or maybe bcos its just a rehearsal yesterday?)

mommy & i ! :D
she looks so ***

Joanne , camwhoring?
hahahaha :D


spectacular ! hah

oh yes , i hadnt been blogging for a week
so like most prob , i'll be only blogging once a week
BUT during the hols , there will be more posts!
yayyyyyy (:
(aww! , Joa looks so tired in this photo ---> )
i patched up with steven alreadyy :D:D:D
be happy for us yeah?
i , love , you ! honey

you're finally back *lovs

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