Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hey ppl !

i've been sent out of school again ):

lucky mingyi , she is allowed to stay in school

is like this 2 days i've only attended 2 periods of A maths lesson

look at the crowd at the back
these are the no of ppl being sent back home on the first day of school
-.- (lol, ok i'm being lame)
Daph ! CANDID :D
i hate Mdm __ .

she is so ridiculous.

i love our school OM.

he is a nice guy.

i hate our school new system.

it sucks .

i went home , mommydaddy kept nagging

blahblahblah -!

bought a looooonger skirt


went to Lavender , made my ic

i like the photo taken ! :D

after that , met the red hair bitch outside Lavander station

Hey ! Always look on the BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE .. doodoo!

eat lunch with mommy at bugis

went to Icon , bought accesories :D

had piaaaaanoooo , .....

Here ! its out already !!
ooops , it is ep 6 not 5

hahahahaha , i hate the close up

my face look so CHUBBBYYYYY !:(

alright , gotta bath now [:

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