Friday, June 29, 2007

oh no , i'm late !
today is 29062006
Finally first week of term 3 is over
so i say yay !
hokay , monday will be a public holiday as it is youth day
mm ,
being a 'sophisticated' audience ,
i felt that the teachers did entertain the students well
HAHA esp Mr C Ong.
what a nice wig he wore :D

& the carnival ?

it is .. ok to me

i felt so dejected at that time

i dont know why.

after school , i was walking out of the school

& s was walking behind

we walked together and when we reached the opposite traffic light ,

he asked whether i would like him to send me home ,

i gave him the gloomy look and replied a no

(but i dont mean it! ]:{)

so he's like , 'O alright , bye'

i gave him that 'i dont give a fuck' look and a cold goodbye

it is very heartbreaking you know!

so yes , holding back my tears & walking back home f.lonely


so mr koh reads my blog


i shall talk abt him today

he caught me eating sweets in his free period & wanted to confiscate it


he's a nerd ; nerd is cool


its common to have students sleeping/eating in class


ok , its time for to take a shower

& i'll be going Shiming hse after that !



A very beautiful diamond needs to be brought out into the light so it can be appreciated fully.

(refering to me) hah!

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