Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Snapshots from random days.

This space has been missing out a lot since the last update, so i've made a short post to lighten up the atmosphere. 
I've been on a roller coaster ride in preparation for my next papers next week. 
hopefully it will go well :)
Random cycling Saturday and a visit to the nursery. I should get myself some flowers in my next visit. ✿
really cheap thai food to satisfy the craving and the boyfriend had an old school barber haircut 
enjoying high tea on a splendid afternoon with the boy's family
Skype with princess vanessa who's all the way at england and she tried showing me how long her walk was back home
that crazy tickle moment with my boo
lucky to receive a split note, lucky to catch a sunset on the overhead bridge
a random day dest sent me a picture of our younger days
grandpa had to go and he rested in peace, and we will all miss him. 
a secret remedy to my breakout period.
the boyfriend was kind and sweet, and brought me food i love :)
sometimes (most of the times).. being a good lover means being his fashion advisor. 
that trick really worked! wow. girls, you should try too
and almost everyday, is a camwhore day on my phone, teehee!
what were your highlights recently?
well, till next time. 
ps. i've missed everyone here. xx

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