Monday, August 05, 2013

alone time.

While the boyfriend left for Korea last week, i've decided to take myself on a test to go meatless until he comes back (for 10 days). 
so right before i give up on my protein diet, shenna and i had a feast at en's dining to commence our meatless diet plan. don't ask me why i keep coming back despite the bad service they provide now, its just so worth it to have a free flow of beef for $55+
On day one: 
back to my inexpensive fruity morning, i had banana, green kiwi, blueberry and my non-fat thick&creamy vanilla yogurt
For lunch.. wait, did i mention fish is exclusive in my meatless diet? anyway, mom insisted that i should at least take fish be my only source of protein when dieting (although fish do not contain iron). mom will always be mom, she's worried i overdid and affects my health again. as you know.. i am iron deficient. iron pills are the first thing i eat in the morning since. 
i call this Cheesy Cajun Crumb fillet.
Day two:
Baked Warm Tomato&Mozzarella Bruschetta and a glass of almond milk for brunch
extremely easy and quick to prepare and not to mention, its a healthy recipe! 
tell me if you'd like to have either (or both) of these recipes :)
on a second note, i've found a new work out that i love to do other than running - yoga!
i did mention before but those were basic yoga classes provided by my gym. but few weeks back, shenna and i signed up for yoga classes which are more in-depth and challenges me to improve on my flexibility and strength. 
A progressing warm up, heart rate taking place increasingly, some strength building in the middle, and lastly, a calm ending before our favourite pose - savasana. :)

p.s to the lady who's been requesting for the avocado pasta recipe, here you go
have a good day ahead, my friends! 

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