Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ad: The Fancy Folks

Hello friends!
Look what I've received in my mail last weekend
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A pair of customized leather fobs for baby and I!

Anything that can be personalized attracts me, and finally a local online store, The Fancy Folks, is providing a customization service. You get to choose the shapes and colours they provide, and engrave whichever words you desire. 


TFF key fobs comes in such a cute, petite packaging and here are a few types they sell:

Untitled DSC_9605e fobs gallery

These are definitely a great gift for yourself, your mom/dad or even share it with your bff, or a couple keychain! Isn't that sweet? I personally love getting couple items with my boyfriend.

And in case you're wondering, Baby and I chose a pair of "TAG in Summer Paradise" and now we are carrying it with our keys everywhere! It's so pretty!

And lucky you, The Fancy Folks is having a 10% off storewide for their opening special! Use code TFF10 to enjoy the great discount!

To see all of the leather fobs TFF offers, check out their main page www.thefancyfolks.com

What are you waiting for?

Get your very own leather key fobs personalized right now, and don't forget to get one for your love ones!

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