Thursday, June 20, 2013


on this year fifteenth of june, i entered a new chapter in my life. the transition from being a child, to a playful teenager, a young adult and finally, the first step to adulthood. 
Hopefully, I'm able to embrace all my fears and at the same time face more new, complex challenges such a getting a real good job, starting up a family, and worry about crowfeet creeping out of my face. 
most importantly, gaining more independence from my parents. 
there are too many memorable moments for my 21st. i'll start from the first! 
8th June 2013, Saturday
if you've been a reader of mine for a long time, you'll know im a big fan of jay chou! he's the only singer that i listen to almost every album and i was lucky enough to have a friend who is willing to sell her extra tickets to me! 
Baby initiated to get them for me and said this will be my birthday present. 
Untitled jaychou 
This is definitely the best concert ever! i screamed from the start to the end. sadly, i was warned not to bring my dslr in and advised to put them in the locker. (which explains the limited pictures)
and after that night, jay chou songs are on my playlists for almost a week. i even jog while listening to his music hahahahahaha

14th June 2013, Friday

baby will always be my baby. I swear he's the best boyfriend on earth. every year, he'd come over to my place at 12mn just to be the first to wish me happy birthday in person. he apologized there's no cake because someone told him we're only allowed to have 1 birthday cake for our 21st. (not sure why)
15th June 2013, Saturday

we were supposed to be up early for lunch with my family but we ended up sleeping at 2am. which made my birthday a really sleepy one.. and i had to rely on caffeine to perk me up 
Here's a selfie while waiting for baby to pick me up to have my cake collected haha
when the boyfriend is finally here, guess what! I saw a box of laduree macrons smiling at me on the seat! and baby said, sorry there was no flowers last night, these are your 21 "flowers". i was blown awayyyyy! firstly, macarons are my favourite. second, ive always wanted to try laduree and lastly, ive never thought my boyfriend can be this sweet!! my heart is still melting at the thought of how much he did for me.. 
cake collected from the dessert cup!
some of the round beads rolled out due to the humps on the road :( but it still look really pretty hehe 
here are the pictures taken with my family
family1 family2 family3 
even baby jovan attended my birthday!!
my cake being the star of the event haha
remember how we used to be excited to hit 21 when we were a kid? 
now we are finally there and we are complaining how much we dont wna grow old anymore.
Reason why I picked a hot air balloon theme? I thought the princess theme is too mainstream and since 21 is all about freedom and being an adult, hot air balloons fits well. :) my cake is personalized and though it didnt turn out exactly what i requested, it still wowed me when i collected it. 
Flavour - Red Velvet 
From - The Dessertcup
my parents who have been nurturing me and giving me the best for the past 21 years. no words can describe my love for them 
family7 family8 
here's a video of the singing process..
trust me, i was having a stage fright at that moment. its like you are the centre of the attention and..its just SIBEI PAISEH haha! 
family9 DSC03104 
I really appreciate every single one who turned up at my birthday lunch. I received so much angpows and presents from my relatives and friends. SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!
went to walk around in town with the twins, venelyn and jovan (and who knows everything was planned) after lunch. Got home to change in the evening and baby came over to pick me up
my eyeballs popped when i saw the car heading to sentosa... 
baby droved in to sentosa cove and we were told to park at the carpark and take a maxi ride to the restaurant 
  UntitledUntitled Untitled 
and here we are.. at W singapore, Skirt.
Meanwhile, when i was having the time of my life, my friends were blowing balloons and decorating at New Majestic Hotel. this is the reason why i believe in quality than quantity when it comes to friendships. hehe 
friends friends1 Untitled
credit of these pictures goes to destinee ^^
Back to SKIRT! 
Untitled Untitled
I've no idea what are the names of these food.. but they sure are yummy!! 
seafood platter - I LOVE THE TUNA 
our sides for our steak - Sauteed mushrooms and potatoes 
we were instructed to finish the yellow bottle on the right before having our steak, as it helps to clear our palates to have a better taste of the flavour of the beef
Untitled Untitled  Untitled  
 Untitled dinner1 DSC03142a Untitled dinner 
i was really happy with my dinner and thought that's the end of the day. i even suggested to go for sight seeing since we are in sentosa and baby said he has a better place to bring me.
So just when i was comfortable with my seat, baby took out his face towel and told me i have to be blindfolded.
I squealed and couldn't stop talking to him throughout the journey
tears were welling up in my eyes when baby untied the blindfold. I saw my best friends and my closest cousin popping confetti and i just can't believe how much beausean had done for me! 
surprise1 Untitled 
you must be thinking.. what kind of hotel is this! Its actually a boutique hotel and each rooms has different themes. apparently you're not allowed to pick the rooms you want, and you're given the room upon arrival. hahahaha due to the silhouette lights, i call this my sleavy 21st. 
my friends, my friends.. they were starving! 
they didnt have a proper dinner at all just to prepare this surprise for me! 
so everyone got a taste of my "flowers" haha
Untitled surprise4 Untitled surprise5Untitled 
then ven came over to join us!! we had drinking games and ziling was the first who KOed. 
hahahaha everything went well until the hotel managemenet came up knocking at our door, saying that only 2 people are allowed to stay after 12mn.
that was where the fun kind of ended and just after most of my friends left, i started turning into a merlion 
the presents i received from my relatives and friends
a disney bracelet from my lovely cousin, kailin. my first pandora bracelet from baby! im in love with the charms. a heart pendant from my 2nd aunt. a diamond pendant from my bf's mom. love this bracelet my cousin kaiqin got me! a pandora charm from my cousin shiming and derrick. 
t&c charm from my sweetest Destinee, MCM wallet from my paternal 3rd aunt family. a pair of watch from my 2nd (paternal) aunt. chanel makeup from my lovely twins!!! a really cute tinkle bell figurine with my birthdate on from my sister. Naked eyeshadow pallete, soap&glory and a stack of $2/5notes angpow from my cutest dax and nat! 
hahaha and the rests are angpows :D
hello baby, 
thank you for your thoughtfulness, your sweetness, and the surprise you'd planned for me. 
you made my 21st an amazing, memorable one. its today, that you made me realise how much you love me by putting in so much efforts just to make me a happy princess.
like i've said, you're the best i've ever had. i'm the luckiest girl to have someone like you.
thank you for loving me.

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