Saturday, April 13, 2013


So... allow me to fill up those missing updates! (only the most recent ones) 
It hasnt been a pleasant week for me as i was down with a high fever for 3 days straight
IMG_8336 IMG_8386 IMG_8375 IMG_8384 IMG_8312 
it went up to as high as 39.6 and mom got really worried. She was afraid that I might have dengue fever due to the recent hype.. and got my boyfriend to send me to the A&E
the doctor put me on drop with saline (i think? NACL?) to lower down my temperature while they take my blood test. when the results was out, instead of finding the cause of my fever, the doctor found out i have extremely low blood count and needed to be hospitalized for transfusion. yeah, no again.. 
so my boyfriend was being such a darling to accompany me throughout the day (standing) until i got my ward. 
to speed up the details, i was discharged the next day because i hated there and went back to school the following day. haha 
IMG_8545 IMG_8547 IMG_8553 
here am i studying and making fun of my cousin's photo (it was her idea)
Back to school, remember I complained about not having friends...? well, I have FRIENDS NOW! :D 
IMG_8575 IMG_8576 
this is yujue! she's someone whom i can make funny faces to and she wont judge me!
Photo on 30-3-13 at 4.22 PM #2
Photo on 30-3-13 at 4.24 PM
and these are my groupmates! hahaha i love them so much! their such a fun clique to be with! That's Jiaqi on the left and Cress in the middle. both of them are wonderful ladies, cress has a really cute and bubbly personality while jq is simply a pure beauty i must say. ^^
IMG_8594 IMG_8609 
Lastly, it's the twins birthday again! this time, they finally hit adulthood! im so happy for them and i can't believe how strong our friendship remains :') 
IMG_8599 IMG_8612
I'll try my best to keep this space posted and lively again and promise to bring my camera out more often (look at those pictures! those resolutions are only acceptable for instagram!)
don't give up hope on me! i'll come back with better quality pictures :) 

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