Friday, January 04, 2013


Photo on 30-12-12 at 12.59 AM #43 H4 h1
#1. To look stupid with you. 
h7 h6 
#2. When you try to turn me into a pig.
#3. Indulging me with cookie dough while catching Les Miserables.
h10 h15 h5 h13 
#4. Birthdays. Happy birthday pretty princess vanessa! 
h14 h17 h18 
#5. To celebrate. 
#6. Spending the last hour of 2012 and the first of 2013 with no one else but you.
Thinking back on 2012, its was a beautiful year. The beginnings of b's army life, the start of my uni, chopping my hair, a period which i'd like to keep it private. 
My goals for 2013? 
Let life flow. 
here's to health and happiness this year! 
cheers! :)

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