Saturday, December 29, 2012

happy christmas.

so christmas was a little different.
uncle's sick and this might be the last christmas with him. 
of course, we hope for miracles and hope he gets better each day..
and, the boyfriend and i had two christmas dinners to attend on the eve.
let the pictures do the talking, while i type little captions beneath
the xmas gift for baby with an ugly xmas card made by me hehe
spent a few hours at my uncle's place with the family on the eve..d b a h g c
Then to the boyfriend's side..
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can't believe the bf's cousin's poodle fell into the pond and his uncle has to self sacrifice to save her.. and there is my boyfriend, trying to be a hero, scooping for his uncle's lost specs. HAHA
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Gift exchange when the clock strikes 12! 
Merry Christmas!!!
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Didnt get the chance to take a picture of the boyfriend unwrapping my present (because i was overwhelmed by my present) T&C bracelet from the boy! looks like I'm going to have the same present for every occasions in 2013... Charms... 
and these are what I've got!

What were the peaks of your christmas?
hope your holiday was lovely.

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