Wednesday, September 05, 2012

cos i walk alone, no matter where i go

Photo on 5-9-12 at 4.30 PM Photo on 5-9-12 at 4.30 PM #2 Photo on 5-9-12 at 4.32 PM #4
so, school has been kind enough to provide us with a week of assessment break. and yes, my groupmates and i utterly made full use of the school's intention. we have been meeting up everyday to complete our assignments. Tedious but hopefully, so worth it that we'll achieve results that meet up to expectation. my laptop has became my best friend too.
my body and mind don't seem to be in terms recently. my mind says i should be running everyday, as much as possible, but my body says no and it gave way easily whenever i start running on the treadmill.  
and to add insult to injury, i'm snacking on my favourite gummies on my bed right now. hurhur, well done joanne, grow fatter grow..
and recently, i have a massive addiction for thai food.. I already had thai food twice this week. i just had thai food on monday and today, i had thai food for lunch again :D and i want more!!!!
my many versions of parfait... i can never be sick of it...
and allow me to have the honour to share with you my favourite song
Silhouette by Owl City
Goodnight everyone.

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